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Simple Recipes Made From Scratch

We use traditional recipes with simple ingredients and make everything from scratch, just the way Grandma used to.

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Hand-Mixed Cookie Dough

We mix our cookie dough by hand – not with a machine – putting love into every batch. It’s a difference you can taste!

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Deliciousness You Can Afford

Our family runs on a budget just like yours. We believe in making the best tasting sweets at reasonable prices so everyone can have a taste!

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Meet Our Family

We are a close-knit mother-daughter trio with a passion for baking and deep love for each other. We have been baking together for many years, making specialty cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts for special occasions with friends and family.

Finally, after much prayer and dedication, our dream of owning and operating our own bakery has come to life. We are excited to share delicious homemade baked goods from our family to yours.

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